Viper XPT 60DTG Petreatment Machine


Used: Like New Condition
Prints: 3500
This machine has been refurbished.
The 6 Solenoids were dismantled and cleaned.
Hoses have been removed and cleaned.


The Viper XPT-6000 was the machine that started the pretreatment industry standard over eight years ago. The XPT is designed to give you maximum flexibility in applying pretreatment where you need it. Six independent spray nozzles and an intuitive touchscreen interface allow for easy selection of spray length, zone width, and the amount of fluid applied to the garment. This is not a machine for the small shop, but for the medium sized and larger DTG printing facilities that require a true workhorse. Real world performance of these machine have well over 1,000,000 sprays when properly maintained.

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