Paper Flyers

Small Business Flyers

Prices from $46.77

  • 4.25″ x 5.5″ finished size
  • Three substrates to choose from to fit your budget
  • Fast and easy online ordering

Long Business Flyers

Prices from $86.95

  • 4.25″ x 11″ finished size
  • Printing on both sides gives you plenty of space for photos and copy
  • Our experts review every print project

Business Flyer – Full Page Business Flyers

Prices from $116.06

  • 8.5″ x 11″ finished size
  • Fast and easy online ordering
  • Convenient turnaround options

Wide Business Flyers

Prices from $64.27

  • 8.5″ x 5.5″finished size
  • Add a high gloss UV finish to provide extra protection and durability
  • Use one side or both for extra space for text and visuals

Flyers – flexible advertising tools with a wide reach

13thAv offers an incredible range of flyer sizes for all your business and marketing needs. From value-for-money 1/4 page flyers to big-impact full page flyers, we cater to all people who are looking for higher-resolution, offset flyer printing at seriously competitive prices.

Flyer printing is made easy at 13thAv. The process from upload to check out takes a matter of minutes.

Mail them out, hand them out, leave them out for people to take – any way you use them, flyers are one of the most effective ways to promote products, services, events, restaurants, meetings, and much more! Start yours today!

Flyer printing services are available in the following product sizes: 1/8 page flyers, 1/6 page flyers, 1/4 page flyers, 1/3 page flyers, 1/2 page flyers, and full page flyers. If you need a custom flyer size, use our instant calculator to create your own size.

Flyer Printing


  • Offset flyers with high-resolution color (never digital)
  • Paper options include: 70 lb uncoated opaque, 80 lb gloss book, 100 lb bookweight, 100 lb gloss cover or thick 14pt cardstock
  • Uncoated paper can be used in ink jet and laser printers
  • Add a protective UV gloss or matte finish
  • Get your prints super-fast


  • Quality offset printed flyers for the price of digitally printed flyers
  • Prints receive 33-point quality checks to ensure customer satisfaction
  • 99.8% on-time delivery success, the best record in the online printing industry

Flyers Marketing Tips

Choosing the Right Flyer Sizes for Your Promotions

Choosing the right sized flyer can be tricky. There are so many sizes to choose from. Larger is sometimes better and can definitely get you noticed, but a smaller flyer fits into small spaces in shop windows, on tables, and in people’s purses and pockets. Here are 3 things to consider when choosing your flyer size.

Budget Limitations

If you want to save some cash and you are looking for a “quick and easy” color flyer solution then a 1/8 page flyer, 1/6 page flyer or 1/4 page flyer represents the ideal solution for a flyer that can be easily handed out or placed on tables.

Space Needs

Your choice of flyer size will often be determined by the size of graphic and the amount of copy you want to include. Taking a small-sized flyer and trying to put large graphics or copy on it is a mistake. Choose a size that allows for font sizes over 8pts and gives you enough space to make your logo and graphics easily distinguishable. Choose to print 1/4 page flyers or 1/3page flyers for plenty of design space.

Detailed Messaging

Don’t try to squeeze a lot of text into a tight design space. If you are creating a detailed product description or a flyer design with multiple listings on it, then give yourself enough room to say everything you want without it being difficult to read. If it’s not easy to read, then people simply won’t read it. Use large sizes such as half page flyers and full page flyers when you need to create attention grabbing mailers.

Guide to Popular Flyer Sizes

1/8 Page Flyers and 1/6 Page Flyers

To really save money you can choose 1/8 page flyers and 1/6 page flyers. These small sizes are perfect for quick handout promotions. Just like business cards, they can fit into your customer’s pockets, wallets and purses as take-away reminders of your promotion. They make the ideal hand-out print products for sales promotions, single-coupon discounts, and band flyers.

1/4 Page and 1/3 Page Flyers

Choose 1/4 page and 1/3 page flyers when you want to keep your costs down but you also need enough room for one big offer or a couple of discount coupons to tempt customers (a 1/3 page flyer with its broader size is particularly useful for tear-off coupon offers.) These sizes represent two of the most popular flyer sizes – easy to design and inexpensive to print. Use for club flyers, coupon offers, salon offers, and so much more!

Half Page and Full Page Flyers

Half page flyers and full page flyers are used for hundreds of business and marketing promotions and provide the most room for your copy and graphics. They are typically used for multi-coupon mailers, multi-listing real estate promotions, event programs, calendars, and info flyers. Full page flyers are also particularly great for menu printing; when gloss or matte UV is added to thick 14pt stock, they become particularly durable and long-lasting.

These are just some of the business uses for our standard flyer sizes. Start your own custom printed flyer project at 13thAv today! Plus, if you don’t see a size you like, we also offer custom flyer size options for you to choose any size configuration that suits your design and business needs.